Tai Chi in the Park

When Mike King started his solo Tai Chi practice Worthing

Beach House park in May 2018, he didn't envisage that it

would evolve into a charity giving enterprise that would

generate over £2000.00 for the Love Your Hospital Charity.


Technically Mike doesn`t charge any fees, however he found

that people wanted to show some form of appreciation. So,

in keeping with the theme of benefiting our health and that

of society he decided to direct interested parties to support

Worthing Hospital’s charity.


In normal times, the group meet every Sunday at the Palm

Court Pavilion, Beach House Park around 10:00 ish, and then

find a favoured place in the park to practice. Often retiring to

the café for refreshments.


The group sometimes have access to an indoor area during inclement weather.


Additionally, the owner and staff at the Palm Court Pavilion Café have supported the group at every turn and are now like an extended Tai Chi family.                                                                                                                      








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Like a tree that marries both heaven and earth into a constantly changing Yin & Yang phenomenon, everything also changes in our world. So, please check for the latest information contact Mike on 07801841224

or email him at [email protected]


All donations are given independently of Alchemy Tree or it's representatives. Each gift is given with a free will and not as payment for goods or services received.  


What to expect if you join the group?

Mike provides an inclusive, friendly, and supportive learning environment that encourages all levels of ability. Sessions follow a traditional progression that takes everyone on a fun filled journey ……





1. Qigong (Energy work that enables you to connect internally and externally)

2. Specific (Seasonal based practices & new qigong sets)

3. Taijiquan (Slow movement that creates a form)

4. Breakouts (Learning in small groups to focus on detail)

5. Move of the Month (One move that we really need to get right)

6. Taijiquan (Form practice for all)

7. Cooldown & Centring (Get you ready for the world again)

8. Coffee, Tea & Cake? (Undo all the good work! )




All arts require some dedication and practice to achieve understanding and mastery, so everyone is encouraged to self-practice on a regular basis. Our main school provides the avenue to progress when the time is right (COVID-19 restrictions included)

Tai Chi in the Park

Click on the

photo to visit Mike`s JustGiving page and to help support his fundrasing for Love Your