Private Tuition

Internal Alchemy is pleased to offer private lessons in Qi gong/ Meditation,  Cheng Man-Ching`s Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi form work & Pushing Hands/Tai Chi Chuan Application.


Private tuition is ideal for those who can't fit a weekly classes into their schedule or for people who would prefer a one to one learning experience or small group session at home or work.


Private tuition is also great for those who want to experience more in-depth and advanced training. It also benefits people who have concerns or anxious about learning within a group.


With private tuition you can work at your own pace and focus on the areas that you want to study, whether it`s working more towards developing you health and fitness, self-defence or the meditative aspects of the Chinese internal martial arts.


People who study this way learn a lot faster then those who attend a large group session.


Private training can be done at your house, local hall, leisure centre or park (Weather permitting).


Cost of private tuition is £35 for a one hour session. Additional time can be added at a discounted price. Information handouts and DVD`s are given to those who commit to regular private tuition.


        ** The cost of hiring a hall for private tuition will be an additional expense **



Contact Jan to book your session




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