Online Courses

Start your journey with our private one-to-one online courses, regardless of where you live in the world. Personalised instruction makes learning at home easy and enjoyable.


Competitively priced self paced study courses using WhatsApp. Whether you`re a complete beginner or an advance practitioner. Your training can be tailored to suit your ability or skill.



* Suitable for all levels

* Develop health, energy and grounding

* Find tranquillity in a stressful world

* Additional instructional videos, and training guides are also available, exclusively to our online students.



Some of the private one-to-one online courses we offer:


* Professor Cheng Man-Ching`s 37 step tai chi posture hand form

* Various qigong systems:

   Shibashi tai chi qigong

   Five animal qigong

   Chen style qigong

   Yang style qigong

   Neigong exercises


* Tai Chi weapon forms:

   54 step Yang style straight sword

   Sanfeng tai chi straight sword

   Sanfeng tai chi fan form

   Sanfeng tai chi pole

   Tai Chi walking stick


* Tai Chi form corrections



Plus much more........



For more information on our private one-to-one courses, please contact us on the email below.









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The videos that we share contains techniques that could cause injury if done incorrectly. This is why it is important that you choose a school and an instructor that is qualified to teach. Internal alchemy and its instructors accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused and you try these techniques at your own risk. Always consult your doctor before beginning a programme of exercise.




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