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Welcome to the Internal Alchemy Website

On this site you will find details on Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), its history, training for health and relaxation, a little about its use as an effective martial art, plus information on the other styles of the internal martial arts of China, as well information on Qi gong for health.  


We are currently running Tai Chi Chuan and Qi gong classes in Worthing, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Sussex (England) and the surroundings.


You will find a number of people, varying in age from their teens to their 80's who all enjoy their Tai Chi and Qi gong practice.


Some people come to train for health and some come to train the martial aspects. Everyone from beginner to those with experience are welcome.


Throughout the year we hold workshops with some highly skilled teachers. These workshops are open to all members of our school. Many of the teachers live and train at the source of these arts, that have been passed down in a direct lineage.


We teach authentic Tai Chi Chuan of Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch`ing & San Feng Tai Chi Chuan, the original tai chi of Wudang Mountain, as well as various and rare systems of Qi gong, Yang & San Feng Style Broad sword, Straight sword, Fan, Spear, Walking stick, Kwai Tai Chi chuan, san shou & pushing hands.


Beginners are always welcome and we also run beginners courses to introduce the syllabus to people.



Take a look inside......

Come in and take a look at the sections that interest you. We run classes, courses in these disciplines so if you would like to take this further come along and join in and experience it for yourself

Email us now and start investing in yourself and your health


Fully Insured with Professional Liability – Malpractice with Public Liability. Legal & Personal protection. DRB Checked.

Tai Chi Master, Cheng Man Ching, when asked by a student.


"What is the most important reason to study Tai Chi Chuan?" Master Cheng

replied, "The most important reason is that when you finally reach the place where you understand what life is about, you'll have the health to enjoy it."

Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong in Sussex

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."


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All details of our classes can be found on this web site by clicking on the classes link. If you need to ask us a question please go to the contacts page.

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